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Daughter of Smoke and Bone characters in no particular order.

→ Akiva. 

How do you act like you’ve lost your soul?” Akiva asked. He meant it as a lighthearted question about a children’s game, but when he heard himself say the words, he thought, Who knows better than I?
You betray everything you believe in. You drown your grief in vengeance. You kill and keep killing until there’s no one left.” 


marya morevna, all in black, here and now, was a point at which all the women she had been met—the yaichkan and the leningrader and the chyerti maiden; the girl who saw the birds, and the girl who never did—the woman she was and the woman she might have been and the woman she would always be, forever intersecting and colliding, a thousand birds falling from a thousand oaks, over and over.

'My sword says she'd like to know you better'


Growing up I adored the His Dark Materials trilogy. They are the sort of coming of age fantasy books which tear out your heart while sucking you into another world of stunning universe building and enthralling characters, and they were so popular when I was growing up that it’s was like staple kid-teenage reading, along with books like Harry Potter, that when I find out people haven’t read it I’m like - Wait, what? Since rambling about a ASOIAF Daemon AU I keep seeing more and more tags of ‘I don’t know what a daemon AU is’ on my posts and it made me so super sad I was like, man you need this book in your life.

His Dark Materials series is an epic trilogy of fantasy novels by Philip Pullman, consisting of, The Northern Lights (sometimes The Golden Compass), The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass. It follows the coming of age of two children, Lyra Belacqua and Will Parry, as they wander through a series of parallel universes. It has physical animal versions of the soul (basically), shit loads of biblical/literature references, armored fucking polar bears, and goddamn gay angels. It’s also a really touching, intelligent story that will leave you wanting more.

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(Fancast: Amandla Stenberg as Lyra, Lee Pace as Asriel, Lupita Nyong’o as Coutler and Charlie Rowe as Will.)

(Enlarge for big versions. Or: One - Two - Three - Four.)

Nadia reached out and nudged Mal’s hand. “At least consider the plan. And if it all goes wrong-“ 

"Alina gets a new bracelet," finished Zoya.  

I scowled. “How about I slice you open and see how your bones fit?”  

Zoya fluffed her hair. “I bet they’re just as gorgeous as the rest of me.”

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“There will be nothing left,” I whispered.

“No,” he said gently as he folded me in his arms. He pressed a kiss to the top of my hair. “I will strip away all that you know, all that you love, until you have no shelter but me.” - (Ruin and Rising, Leigh Bardugo)

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Come to the ball with me.

I am a demanding creature. I am selfish and cruel and extremely unreasonable. But I am your servant. When you starve I will feed you; when you are sick I will tend you. I crawl at your feet; for before your love, your kisses, I am debased. For you alone I will be weak.

"All hail the Pirate King."
"Why dance around it? ‘Bastard King’ is more likely."
"Actually," I said, "they’re already calling you Korol Rezni.”
I’d heard it whispered in the streets of Kribirsk: King of Scars.

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"Anything worth doing always starts as a bad idea."