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“You think you’ve found a family with him. You think you’ve found a future. But you will grow powerful, and he will grow old. He will live his short otkazat’sya life, and you will watch him die.”

“Shut up.” He smiled. “Go on, stamp your foot, fight your true nature. All the while, your country suffers.” “Because of you!”

“Because I put my trust in a girl who cannot stand the thought of her own potential.” […]

“I know what you feel when you’re with the tracker,” he said.

“I doubt that.”

He gave a dismissive wave. “No, not the absurd pining you’ve yet to outgrow. I know the truth in your heart. The loneliness. The growing knowledge of your own difference.” He leaned in closer. “The ache of it.” I tried to hide the shock of recognition that went through me. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said, but the words sounded false to my ears.

“It will never fade, Alina. It will only grow worse, no matter how many scarves you hide behind or what lies you tell, no matter how far or how fast you run.”

I tried to turn away, but he reached out and took hold of my chin, forcing me to look at him. He was so close I could feel his breath.

“There are no others like us, Alina,” he whispered. “And there never will be.”


i took a bit of time to doodle out how i’ve always seen the abhorsen characters in my mind, ever since i was eleven

(from left to right: touchstone, sabriel, lirael, sameth)

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We are alike, as no one else is, as no one else will ever be.



"Hope can be a powerful force. Maybe there’s no actual magic in it, but when you know what you hope for most and hold it like a light within you, you make things happen almost like magic."


Painting of Karou and Akiva over Eretz

fine, make me your villain - the darkling mix;

i. if i had a heart - fever ray ii. everybody wants to rule the world - lorde iii. closer - kings of leon iv. blood on my name - the wright brothers; v. black dirt - sea wolf vi. sweet dreams - emily browning vii. my body is a cage - peter gabriel viii. lost cause - imagine dragons ix. bartholomew - the silent comedy x. glory and gore - lorde xi. northern lights - 30 seconds to mars xii. enjoy the silence - depeche mode xiii. dark doo wop - ms mr

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and I would no longer deny it.

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Grisha Meme ➝ [1/6] Locations
↳  Keramzin.


"You Know Brimstone doesn’t take baby teeth."

"You don’t know everything girl. Sometimes he does. Once. Once he wanted some.”


character profile throne of glass: nehemia ytger

"I knew what my fate was to be, and I embraced it. I ran toward it. Because it was the only way for things to begin changing, for events to be set in motion"